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Case study Testimonial: James Ajayi

BPH: My enlarged prostate gland halved in size.. then halved again. No more meds and no more getting up at night for me!

I suffered BPH for years. My prostate grew steadily – and showed no signs of stopping. Meds weren’t working.

Today, my prostate gland is in perfect health, BPH is a distant memory – and I never get up at night to pee!

My prostate had shrunk back down to the size you’d expect in a healthy 25-year old.

Which, given I was 57 at the time, was great news!

Just as important though, I know how to make sure my prostate never enlarges ever again.

I’m never going to be back in that nasty situation I was in back then.

So let me tell you about this.

If you want to return an enlarged prostate to its correct size you can. 

Here’s what I did.

Simple steps back to full prostate health

Hello, my name is Dayo!

And what I have to share with you today is actually something that will help with a very embarrassing problem older men are told they HAVE to get used to:

Proper prostate management

This doesn’t have to be a young man’s game, so if you ever thought to yourself that you should settle for this…

Trust me, this is the last thing you’d want to do!

Consider this:

Your prostate was normal-sized once.

Whereas it’s not now. Now it’s too big.

But there’s a reason it’s too big. It didn’t just happen. Something caused it to be enlarged.

Now, we have long known that hormonal imbalances in a man cause the prostate to grow out of control.

In particular, if you have an enlarged prostate then right now your estrogen and testosterone hormones are way out of balance.

For as long as your hormones stay like this you’ll always have BPH.

Unfortunately, we’ve never actually known why that hormonal imbalance is happening.

This is why BPH treatments are so unreliable. Doctors are guessing to some extent.

To get a shot of BPH we need to straighten out the hormone problem.

But how do you do that if you don’t know what messed them up in the first place?

Well, that’s what has changed.

Because we now do know what leads to our hormones going so out of whack.

And knowing this is the key to how Mr James' prostate – and the prostate glands of thousands of other men – have shrunk back to their normal sizes.

How we shrink the prostate

The hormonal imbalance that leads to BPH is caused first of all in the gut.

Yes, the gut. I thought that was weird too when I first heard it.

But here’s the thing: human gut bacteria has been with us since the dawn of time. It doesn’t just keep us healthy – it keeps us alive.

There are hundreds of types of bacteria. Each type has its own job to do.

When they’re healthy and plentiful our gut bacteria minimize inflammation, protect us from heart and kidney disease, manage our weight, regulate our cholesterol, stabilize our blood sugars, keep our moods consistent and perform dozens of other tasks that make our lives possible.

And guess what else these little helpers do for us?

They regulate, manage, and stabilize male hormones.

In particular, they make sure the ratios of estrogen and testosterone are exactly how they need to be.

Because when those two get out of whack guess what you end up with?

Benign prostate hyperplasia.

But here’s the problem. These bacteria are delicate. So they need exactly the right nutrition, the right conditions to thrive.

Western diets and lifestyles aren’t helpful in this regard at all.

It’s not your fault or mine.

But over the years our valuable, life-saving gut bacteria are dying off at extraordinary rates.

And we’re paying a hefty price for that.

Which explains why Westerners have heart disease, organ disease, obesity, and a range of metabolic conditions on a scale unheard of in some other parts of the world.

Years of slowly killing off our life-giving gut bacteria eventually make us ill.

And BPH is one of the consequences of the onslaught against gut bacteria.

BPH simply can’t get better until our gut bacteria get better.

This is our area of expertise.

For any particular illness, we directly targets the bacteria loss that has caused that disease.

Put simply, Our ‘Prostate Restore Plan’ was Mr James' prostate rescue plan.

It focuses on the specific bacteria that we need in order to make things right again.

Mr James had terrible BPH when he started his Prostate Restore Plan.

But he did everything we told him– and I mean everything.

And when he did… his gut bacteria came back to life. And as they did that,
his hormones adjusted back to normal.

And when that happened… his BPH just didn’t stand a chance.

His prostate shrunk quickly and, 2 weeks after starting his plan, he got his first full night of uninterrupted sleep.

He felt like he was in heaven! He could hardly believe how it made him feel.

The Prostate Restore Plan

Your doctor will already have told you that to beat BPH you must eat good food.

That’s great advice. But there’s a huge problem here.

The food those specific bacteria need isn’t just any food.

Yes, it’s food available in supermarkets – so nothing expensive or exotic.

But there are specific foods that are super-sonic when it comes to re-energizing those depleted bacteria.

There are also a few foods – generally considered ‘healthy’ – that you’ll have to avoid for a while.

We can’t guess at this.

We’ve got to get it exactly right.

That’s what Our’ The Prostate Restore Plan does.

And that is why Mr James haven’t had to get up at night to pee even once in 2 years!

Go big to go small!

The first few weeks of The Prostate Restore Plan do most of the work of shrinking that prostate.

It focuses hard on regrowing good, healthy gut bacteria.

There’s no BPH recovery without those vital helpers.

So we major on getting these little guys happy and healthy again.

Remember what we’re doing here: get your gut back into shape so that our hormones and inflammation start easing out… then you can wave goodbye to that enlarged prostate gland.

After that initial big push, we ease right off. The main job is done.

From then on, maintaining those healthy happy bacteria is super easy.

What I especially like is that maintaining a normal prostate is not about avoiding foods you love.

It’s about eating enough of the foods those bacteria love.

So you will still enjoy your morning coffee – and your little helpers are still happy as heck!

So what about you?

Being ill with BPH is now a choice. Instead of a steadily worsening condition, we’re now able to address it directly, at its cause.

Instead of ongoing poor sleep, meds that don’t quite work, and possible surgery… You can be well again.

Your doctors are doing their best but they’re still stuck with an approach that started in the 1950s. It doesn’t work. And it’s not going to work.

Be good to yourself. You deserve better.

Thousands of people who used to have BPH no longer has it.


To Help Correct Enlarged Prostate, Stop Frequent Urination, Tackle Prostatitis And Increase Bedroom Performance


Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® contains 90.7% stabilized, inner leaf aloe vera gel paired with natural fruit juice concentrates for sustaining your immune system and maintaining natural energy levels. 

Aloe vera has natural cleansing abilities that help the digestive tract absorb nutrients from the foods we eat into the blood stream, while promoting friendly bacteria growth.


Minerals play a vital role in everything from proper hydration to muscle health and even brain function. 

Yet the human body does not replace its own lost minerals, so deficiencies need to be addressed with food or supplementation.

Forever Nature-Min® is our advanced supplement formula designed to help your body maintain its ultimate mineral levels with optimal levels of 10 essential and trace minerals.

Our easily digestible supplement contains an ideal blend of both macro and trace minerals.


Formulated with botanicals like saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed, Vit♂lize® has everything a man needs. An ideal blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and lycopene provides complete prostate and hormonal support. 

Prostate health is a priority for many adult men, especially those over the age of 40.

We carefully selected ingredients to provide support in a natural way.

Vitamins C, D and E, lycopene, selenium and zinc have all been shown to help promote a healthy prostate.

The addition of lycopene oil, pygeum and pumpkin seed oil help maintain a healthy urinary flow.


Harness the benefits of natural energy and stamina with Forever Bee Pollen®. Bee pollen is a great natural source of nutrients including proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

This easily digestible and absorbed tablet ensures your body gets all the nutrition it needs naturally.


Over time, we have found out that the way you combine and use this supplements also affect the results you get. 

So, when you order for your pack of PROSTATE RESTORE PLAN™, we are also going to be sending you the step by step dosage plan that you will be using to get the best results possible. 

This also come with the FREE EBOOK Below "5 Simplesteps to Keep A Healthy Prostate". Once you recieve your pack the ebook wil be set to your email or whatsapp.

As you start to use these supplements based on the special dosage we will send to you, you will start noticing changes in your body system and you will also be astonished at how far you would have gone in helping to rid yourself of PROSTATE.

5 Simple Steps to...

Keep A Healthy Prostate

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It gets better when you address it

We know how BPH is caused. Essential gut bacteria has died off and urgently needs replacing.

Replace that bacteria and your body rebalances its male hormone levels.

Which removes forever the cause of your BPH.

This is the method used by me – and thousands of men like me.

And it’s simply waiting for you to apply it to yourself.

You can start today – click here and get your pack of The Prostate Protocol now…

Time isn’t on your side

Standard doctor’s advice to ‘keep a watchful eye’ on the condition.

Intervene if it becomes a real problem.

In my opinion, that was terrible advice.

By the time you realized your BPH was a real problem it had outgrown their ability to actually do anything for you.

A catheter beckoned… surgery fast became their plan A.

The end-game of BPH can be urinary tract infections, kidney infections and

– at worst – kidney failure.

Why would anyone risk going through any of this?

Thousands of men decided enough was enough.

They decided to act rather than wait around.

Which for me was the intelligent thing to do.

If you’re of the same mind then get Our Prostate Restore Plan now. It’ll be with you in few days – click here…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the side effect of this solution?

This solution has no side effect, and it is approved by NAFDAC.

What age range is this solution effective for?

This Solution is effective for every adult age.

Do I have to keep using this supplements always?

You only have to use this solution once to solve your BP problem.

Do I have to make payment before delivery?

No, You only have to make the payment when you receive the pack.

Do I still have to call you before placing my order?

No, Just follow the steps here to place your order.  But if you wish to talk to me, feel free to call or chat

For more enquires call/message 
Dayo: +2348172571037

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