Ultimate Lifestyle & Diet Plan For Healthy Prostate in 40+ Men

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The truth is, As a man grows older into his forties,

the probability of developing prostate issues increases drastically.

Which will cause unfortunate unirary track problems and other subtle but painful sysmptoms.

This is WHY you need to PAY ATTENTION To your Prostate Health

And also pay attention to the information in this letter.

You may be thinking, why is this important and who are you to talk about this, here's is it;

I am Coach Dayo and in the last few years,

I have had the opportunity to help several men get over prostate issues.

Everyday more men show up on our website seeking solution.

You'll see from the image below, in the last few weeks,

over 120 thousand men all across africa have visited our website,

looking for our effective strategy to overcoming prostate issues naturally.

And I am so happy we could help them find solution.

Everyday I recieve Positive testimonials from our happy customers.

Like these once below.

I can keep uploading these testimonials all day and it won't finish.

This is to Show You How Much Impact This Program Has Been to Families Accross Africa.

But that is not why I am here.

I am here today becuase of you, I don't know which category you belong,

  • Are you already managing Prostate Issues and you can't find a way around it?
  • You don't have Prostate issues yet, but you want to avoid developing one in the future?
  • You have a friend or family with the issue, and you are looking for a way to help?

I'm about to show you a proven and 100% Simple Steps  Information That can Help You Protect your Prostate Or End Prostate Issues Like;

  • A weak or slow urinary stream
  • Difficulty starting urination
  • Urgency to urinate
  • Getting up frequently at night to urinate
  • A urinary stream that starts and stops
  • Straining to urinate
  • A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
  • Continued dribbling of urine
  • Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing


“Introducing A Potent 100% Effective Guide"

This a proven and effective Lifestyle and diet plan to help You Protect Your Prostate and Keep you from developing Prostate Issues, which will allow you to...

  • Avoid or Say goodbye to prostate enlargement problem for good.

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Get rid of or avoid painful urination 100% NATURALLY!

  • End or avoid the pain and embarrassment of difficulty starting urination

  • End or avoid frequent urge to urinate at night.

  • Say goodbye to or avoid difficulty fully emptying your bladder.

  • End straining to urinate


Does It Sound Like Something You Want?

If this is starting to look like the exact solution you want... that's because it probably is...


Last Year, I did a research on "Healthy Diet and Lifetyle Protect The Prostate" and added it as part of the prohealth pack (our 4-in-1 prostate restore program).

At the time, I had no intention of releasing it as an ebook, but something happened.

People saw it  and find that it really improved thier health in great way.

And started calling me to ask for my permission to print it, so they can be able to read it offline,

Because I was very interested in people reading it, and excited that they found it very useful,

I obliged and put a note on the site encouraging people to print and read it offline.

This book touches virtually every aspects of Prostate Health of a man. The contents are practical and real.

You will get answers to Prostate issue you are facing or afraid of facing.

An e-book with lots of postive reviews from awesome men across Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, USA, UK, Canada.

It contains everything you need to know about protecting your prostate.

It is that powerful

People who bought the Prostate Restore Plan got the ebook for $30.

But today, it's available for less that amount, so we can help more people.

In this Ebook, you will discover;

  • Key things every man should know about the prostate gland.
  • Why prostate is importmant to men's overall health
  • 3 Serious Prostate Issues men may face before 60, how to doscover them and treat.
  • Key Lifestyle important to keep a healthy Prostate or correct and unhealthy prostate.
  • Specific foods to eat to protect your prostate.
  • How to keep your prostate in healthy range even if it is enlarged already.
  • What type of physical activies to do to protect your prostate or shrink enlarged prostate.
  • How much physical activity should You do to keep healthy prostate.
  • List of Foods to Choose and Foods to Limit or Avoid
  • 50 African Food Ideas to Protect or Restore Healthy Prostate. These include Soups and stews, Swallows, meals, drinks, snacks that can be sourced locally.
  • Perfectly crafted 7 Days meal plan to help you stay focus on foods important to protect your prostate.

These are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will discover in the pages of this Ebook.

This Ebook is dedctaed to "All African men who are doing their best to live healthy and protect their prostate"

"Don't Take My Word For It"
See What Others Are Saying About The Ebook

"The Ultimate Lifestyle and Diet Plan is great. Wow what great service, I love it!" - John T. Kenya

"I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Ultimate Lifestyle and Diet Plan. I couldn't have asked for more than this."- Praise T., Nigeria

"The  best on the net! You won't regret it. The ebook was excellent. Thanks for the great work you are doing" - Benoite P, Zambia

"I can't say enough about Ultimate Lifestyle and Diet Plan. Very easy to use. It's really wonderful." - Victor R.- Botswana

We've seen amazing results already. It's really wonderful. Wow what great ebook, I love it!" - Caria W. - Canada

Yes, I am so confident that you will love this Ebook.

That is why I'm making it risk-free for you to try for a whole 30 days.

If after reading this Ebook and you're not satisfied with the content, just call the phone number in The Ebook and ask for a refund.

This is one Ebook you will be consulting and making reference to on daily basis.

In fact, 50% of people who bought this Ebook have called me back to buy for their friends and families, even before finishing the book.

And I'm sure you will when you read it.


This Ebook is currently avalaible for ₦5,500 in Nigeria, and $17 for those outside Nigeria.

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You will definitely love it.

I'm looking forward to your own review, once you have your copy.

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